One thought on “8 year old girls breastfeeding???

  1. I’ll start out by saying that what ever the 8 year old has/gets, the 7 year old will want so try to get them something similar or comparable. Diaries and journals are very popular with this age and encourage writing. Just make sure it’s cute and has a lock and they’ll be happy. Hello Kitty is also popular with little girls. You can get a variety of items that are in various price ranges that they’ll love. Grooming items are also a hit for this age. Being too young for make-up etc. I would recommend items such as lip balms or nail decals. Steer clear of the polish for now. It is still a little too messy for their age. As far as the shoes go, a calf high boot is in style, affordable, great in any weather and goes with jeans, leggings and even a skirt! Hope that helps. Happy shopping

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