A Woman’s Choice


It seems that woman are often faced with so many difficult choices thee days.  We want what’s best for our kids and our families, but we also tend to get pulled in so many directions.  I read a couple of articles this week that hit home for me and wanted to share my thoughts in this week’s blog.

I read an article this last week that says that woman get 27% less sleep than men.  Additionally there is another 17% gap in quality sleep for women that work out of the home.  To top it all off, men get an additional 4-80 minutes of leisure time per day over woman. I’m sure these results are nothing compared to our single mom’s out there get.  But this isn’t a man vs. woman statement.  This is a “mom’s work hard” statement.  Which brings me to the second article I read.  It was about mothers who work in the home.  I’ll briefly tell you that I worked out of the home for 15 years trying to balance family and career.  I recently decided to give up that career (and pay!), to work in my home and be closer to my family, so I have seen both sides of the coin.

This article was about standing up for mothers that work in the home. How these moms truly work hard to make everyone else’s life easier. And I think the statistics above show that.  But what hit a cord for me was how we are always trying to justify our choices.  The stay-at-home mom trying to prove she works hard, and the working mom trying to prove her family is still important and her kids are not neglected because she made this choice. These feeling couldn’t be more true.  As a working mom I felt I was always apologizing when I couldn’t be there 100% of the time.  Now working from home I feel more busy than ever, yet I still run down everything I’ve done for the day to my husband hoping he doesn’t think I’m laying around all day while he’s out working.

If you are a woman reading this I am sure that at some point you’ve had these feelings.  Feel strong in your choice! We are all mom’s doing our best to take care of these little miracles.

This brings me to another hard choice every woman has to make. BREASTFEEDING! We here are Bizzy Babee know that breastfeeding isn’t for everyone.  That is a choice that each woman has to make for herself.  We are here to provide a way for you to do it comfortably if you decide to do so.  If breastfeeding isn’t the way for you, that’s ok! Bizzy Babee wraps can be used on planes, at games, watching movies, or just for swaddling your baby as you try to rock them to sleep. Grab a BB wrap for your next shower and pick one up for yourself! I wear mine at football games to give me coverage while sitting on bleachers and to keep me warm.

And a special thanks to the owner of Bizzy Babee Ashlie Belnap, the hardest working mother I know!

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