Thrifty Thursday – To Bundle or Not to Bundle

money  copy.

To bundle or not to bundle, that is the question for today. The answer? YES! There are a lot of great “bundling” offers out there and they are a big savings. Internet, phone and cable for $99 bucks, yes please. So what about after the introductory period is up? Now your bill skyrockets to $200+ dollars.

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Tattle Tuesday – White vs Brown Eggs


Do you spring for the brown eggs when you head to the grocery store. Have you heard they’re better for you? Well we’re here to tell you the truth about eggs: White eggs = Come from chickens with white feathers Brown Eggs =Come from chickens with brown feathers That’s all folks! There is no difference

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Food Friday – Minion Lollipops

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 7.14.09 AM

These have to be the cutest thing we have ever seen. If cute isn’t enough, they are easy, and taste great. These will be a hit in any home, party or event. You have to visit the full posting by Adelle Belnap at: She has full instructions with photos for you. Thanks Adelee for

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