Baby Vs. Pet – The Showdown!

Are you a pet lover? Sometimes our pets are our babies, but when a new baby is on the way our love is shared and not all of the babies in the house are happy about it! If you have a new baby on the way or are considering a new pet and have a baby at home, take a look at these helpful hints about bringing your new little one home.


Bringing home your new baby is an exciting moment.  We certainly don’t want to spoil that moment with “acting out” from our pet.  Our pets are used to a certain amount of attention and a new baby can take away from our pet time.  This can lead to acting out or even acts of aggression from our pets.  A pet might start jumping on legs, chewing, spotting, barking, scratching and could even nip at you or your baby.  Let’s avoid these issues and talk about ways to prevent these moments.


  1. Keep your pet schedule – I know your time is going to be spread thin, but if you did daily walks at 7am, stick to it! Put baby in the stroller and take them along, but don’t skip out on routine events. This will ensure that your pet is still getting the things they expect and they will be less likely to act out.
  2. Start creating rules – Start setting some rules before baby ever gets home.  If there is a room dedicated for the nursery, start making that a “no go” zone now.  If you allow your pets on the couch etc.. you might want to start breaking them of that habit before the baby is home so you are able to feed your baby without pets jumping on you.
  3. Play Dates – If this is your first baby, you might want to expose your dog to other babies before hand.  This should be done slowly, in a controlled environment and possibly with a little older baby. A trip to the park with a friend and her baby might be a good way to introduce new faces.  Finding a common area rather than bringing a baby into their home is less threatening for your canine.
  4. Pet Vet – Before your baby comes home, make sure your pet is up to date on shots, healthy, has a fresh teethe cleaning and is spayed or neutered. This will ensure that your pet feels great and takes care of one more errand you wont want to run with a new born!
  5. Breeding Friends – Consider the breed of dog you choose. I know you might have grown up really wanting a fire truck Dalmatian or a fluffy Chow, but not all breeds are as kid friendly as we’d hoped.  Lets leave some breeds to the breeders and find a pet that will fit well with your family.


If you have a young baby at home and are considering a new pet….. get a fish!  If you must have a 4-legged friend, I would consider the pros and cons of a puppy vs. rescue.


Pros: Cute, Able to train, Friendly, Puppy and baby can grow up together

Cons: Diapers and potty training – Yikes!, Chewing, Crying, Training, new puppy vet bills


Pros: Typically more mature and less hyper, already trained, neutered, Saved a life

Cons: Unsure of previous owner/environment, can be snippy with babies, Older dog medical concerns/bills

I hope this helps you bring your new baby and pet together under one happy roof.

Brought to you by bizzy babee. Predictable nursing covers for those unpredictable moments!  - Lisa Sato

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