5 thoughts on “Black Nursing Cover

  1. Your product is wonderful. I gave one to my daughter 3 years ago, and she LOVED it!! She wants one in black now, as she already has the cream color. She’s expecting her 2nd child, and we were thrilled to discover you are still making these cover-ups. She and I both thank you.


    • Just curious… I was deciding between the cream and black, but was concerned that the cream would show milk stains and generally just look dirty much more quickly. Did she run into problems with that?

      • Although the Natural is a lighter color, milk is actually hidden pretty well vs black or the darker colors. It is prone to things like foods statins, but a little stain remover before washing should do the trick. I personally prefer the Natural, but we do have customers that prefer the black because it hides dirt etc..

    • Liz,
      We received your concern via paypal about your cover not arriving yet. Since your cover was purchased on a Saturday, it was shipped on Monday the 21st. We can see via the paypal tracking system that it was sent to customs in Los Angeles California. Unfortunately, after it leaves the states it does not provide us tracking. It looks like it left the US on the 28th. We are not sure why customs held it for so long. We apologize for the delay. Oversees shipping does take quite a bit longer than shipping in country. We imagine it should be arriving any day now. Our other UK customers often tell us it takes about 2 weeks. Next Monday would be the 2 week mark. Please let us know if it hasn’t arrived by then. You can contact us directly at ashlie@bizzybabee.com

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