Quick Tip!

When you receive your Holiday “Photo” greeting cards this year, snap a picture of the photo on the card with your smartphone! Now go to your contacts, find their name, click edit and upload this picture so when your phone rings, the families picture shows up! Now you don’t have to worry about what to do with the photo greeting cards after the holiday’s are over. 






Happy Holidays from bizzy babee

Will spicy food start your labor? Pregnancy Myths debunked


There are many tips, tricks and pregnancy myths out there. When a woman gets pregnant it seems as though everyone has great advise they want to share, but how much of it is true? Well let’s cover some popular ones that don’t stand up to the tests of science.




  1. It’s a boy! Or is it a girl??? Often times people will tell you that carrying your baby a certain way, (high or low) will help you to determine the sex of your baby. Sorry but it won’t.  Every person and baby are different. How the baby is carried will give you no indication of the sex of the baby.
  2. Bring on the spicy! Well you are more than welcome to eat spicy foods but they will not induce your labor.  They may however create cramping, gas pains and possible diarrhea. Although these symptoms may feel like labor, they are not. Keep the spicy foods to a minimum.
  3. Skip the FLU shot? Not true. Even while pregnant you should get your flu shot to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy.  The shot will not harm your baby.
  4. A tooth for a baby. They say that you loose a tooth with every baby, but we are not living in the 1800’s any longer.  Go to your regularly scheduled cleaning and make sure to continue you brushing and flossing habits.  You’ll be sure to end this pregnancy with all the teeth you started with.
  5. No fish here? No way! Fish is very healthy for you. Eating 2 servings a week is a great idea while you are pregnant. You should avoid mercury.  There are some kinds of fish that have higher levels of mercury such as swordfish, shark, tilefish and mackerel. I don’t see these on the menu too often, but if one of these is your favorite try switching to salmon, tuna, or even shrimp until the pregnancy is over. The catch is it should all be cooked.  Yes that means avoiding sushi with raw fish in it.  If you have a favorite roll with cooked fish, enjoy!

Bizzy babee hopes you have a happy and healthy pregnancy

Food Friday





We here at bizzy babee know how busy you can get during the holiday season.  It’s hard to get your day-to-day routine done and still have time to shop, bake, wrap, etc. If you need a last minute recipe that is easy and the kids will love, try this out.


Smash Sandwich:



1 Loaf French bread

¼ cup water

1 lb. ground beef

6oz. cream cheese

1 cups grated cheese

Your favorite seasonings


  1. Brown the beef and drain the fat (add seasonings of your choice. Salt, pepper, garlic etc..)
  2. Add cream cheese, ½ cup grated cheese and water. Melt ingredients together and turn pan to low.
  3. Cut the lid off the French. You want to make your cut on top of the loaf to create a boat.
  4. Remove the bread from inside the loaf and gently break into chunks
  5. Put the chunks in the pan with the meat and fold the bread into mix.
  6. Pour the mix back into your empty loaf boat.
  7. Top with the remaining grated cheese
  8. Wrap entire loaf in foil and bake at 350 degrees for 15-20mins
  9. Remove from oven and slice to serve

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Tip Tuesday

If you haven’t grabbed one of our great offers this month, this might be your last chance! This Thursday we will be featured on Zulily. You will be able to get one of our Nursing Covers for half off. Even some of our sold out colors will be availible! This will be our LAST sale of the year with savings this great. So mark it on your calendars and keep watching our site for more “BUSTED” giveaways and sneak peaks of next years new colors.






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Do sites like Groupon really save you money? Shopping tips to save money!

With Christmas only 29 days away, we have all gotten in full shopping mode! There are several people to buy for and deals to be found, but are you really saving money?  Don’t get trapped buy flashy deals this year.  Follow these great tips and you will be happy with your purchase and how much you paid for it.



  1. Research your product pricing: Many stores sell name brands inside their store. For example, Walmart now sells Apple products.  A big box store may say they have your item on sale, but their big box pricing may be higher than buying direct.  Always check home sites for original pricing before falling for big box sale prices.
  2. Use your coupons! Do not be ashamed to use your coupons. Make sure that the coupon still helps reducing overall pricing after big box mark-ups. Most of the time they will reduce your overall cost by about $5. Percent off coupons are your greatest deal.  Make a list and try to get all items from one store while using your highest “percent off” coupon for your greatest savings.
  3. Shipping Fees are for the bees: Always calculate the cost of shipping fees into the total cost of your item. It may be worth it to find it locally. Also look for the “ship to store” options where you can order online then pick up your item at your local store location. If you do have to have it shipped, remember that free shipping can be more valuable than a percent off coupon. 20% off $10 is only $2, but free shipping is worth $4-6 dollars!
  4. Is Groupon really saving you money?  Good question. Yes and No. If you really are in the market to buy an item that happens to pop up then follow step one and it may save you a lot of money.  We have found many items that claim to be on sale that are not. This often happens with the “goods” and hotel rates.  Just be sure to check the original site for regular rates and any stipulations. Items such as $10 for $20 worth of product are truly a savings but remember to count additional spending into the equation.  Often times you spend more money than the $20 and some of your funds may not be able to be applies to tax, tip, alcohol etc. And remember to use your Groupon. If it sits in your drawer (or email) and never gets used, you aren’t really saving money you’re loosing it.
  5. Return if needed! Did you buy something on Black Friday that was such a great deal you couldn’t pass it up and now you are wondering who you are going to give it to? RETURN IT! Just because it’s inexpensive doesn’t mean you need it. Ask a friend if its something they had on their shopping list so you can sell it to them for the same great deal you got. If not, send it back.  It’s great to gift give, but it truly is the thought that counts. Getting a $5 mixer or $10 DVD player that isn’t needed is nice but your friend or family member wont use it. They will try to return it and be frustrated when they only get $5 store credit.
  6. Don’t over shop. Make a list and try to stick to it. It’s ok to revise your list, but try to have a structure that you are sticking to. Make a list of whom you need to buy for and an idea of what you’d like to get them. If you keep grabbing things off the shelves you will be surprised on how much you go over budget or wind up buying several gifts for one child but not the other. Then you are buying random items for the other child/ren to make things even. It’s a vicious cycle. Stay away from it!
  7. Watch for the switch and bait: This goes without saying, but we want to make sure you don’t become a victim of these schemes. One that we see often is FREE, just pay shipping and handling. These can truly be great deals. Just make sure the shipping rates aren’t jacked up over the cost of the original item. For example our nursing covers cost about $6 to ship (in the US). This can vary depending on weight and the service we use. If your 1 pound item is free but costs $16.99 to ship just make sure the actual cost of the item wasn’t more than $16.99. Also watch for the “buy 1, get 1” situations.  We recently saw an offer for “buy 1 mitten get 2 free”.  What a great deal right? Wrong. The first pair of mittens was $3.99. These are $.99 mittens. Three of them should only cost  $2.97. Be careful of these traps.


We hope this helps make your holiday shopping fun and affordable!

Brought to you by bizzy babee

It’s a Sale, It’s a Sale

You asked for it and you are going to get it! We will be having a sale for one day only. This Saturday 11/24/12, we are supporting Small Business Saturday and giving you an awesome gift for participating. For each nursing cover purchased, you will receive a FREE Natural Nursing Cover! That’s right, just pay the shipping for the second one and we’ll send you the cover for FREE.

So here are some instructions:

1. Visit out website anytime on Saturday.

2. Pick your favorite color Nursing cover and add it to your cart (watch the red banners for sold out colors)

3. Click on the square that says “Free Natural Nursing Cover” and add it to your cart. This will add the shipping expenses for your FREE cover.

4. Remember to add a shipping fee for each Free Cover you earned. Example: IF you buy a Black and Plum Cover, add 2 “Shipping Fees” to your cart and we’ll send you 2 Natural Covers.

5. Finally, just check out and pay!

We are so excited to give you this great offer and support local businesses. We can’t wait to see you Saturday

Happy Shopping!







Brought to you by bizzy babee. Predictable nursing covers for those unpredictable moments. -Lisa Sato

Tip Tuesday

Todays tip is one of my favorites and you might be able to use it for your holiday cooking this week! Have you ever boiled potatoes or pasta and the pot starts overflowing all over your stove top? Me too! It happens all the time in my house. Well worry no longer.  Just place a wooden spoon across the top of the pot and your problem is solved. No more soupy messes to clean up.

Hope this makes your cooking a little easier!















Brought to you by bizzy babee. Predictable nursing covers for those unpredictable moments. -Lisa Sato

The Bebe Gloton breastfeeding doll

Last week we posted a video describing a popular toy in Europe. The Bebe Gloton is a breastfeeding doll that has been a popular seller in many parts of the world.  To use the doll, your child would slip on a color vest that has two flowers where a woman’s nipples would be. When the doll is placed in the breastfeeding position it begins to make a sucking motion and noise.

We posted a video of a child using the doll and asked you for your feedback. Well we got it! We got everything from excited to outraged.  Overall we had more people comment that they would not buy the doll for their child.  It seemed that this doll raised a lot of concerns from encouraging young pregnancy to public embarrassment.  I know that mothers actually breastfeeding even suffer from embarrassing moments while breastfeeding their babies.  This could feed into some of the concern that people would have with their child doing it. The U.S. has always been known for its more conservative values and modest attire.  Does that have to do with this doll? Is nudity the issue? Well not exactly. So what is it? Whatever it is, it is making people uncomfortable. I thought that maybe it was just Americans that felt uncomfortable but after talking to one of our British friends she felt the same way.  When I asked her why she wouldn’t buy the doll she said it had nothing to do with sexuality. She described the act of breastfeeding as an intimate act between a mother and her baby. When I asked how it was different than dolls that you feed or changed I think she said it best “Anyone can feed or change your baby, but only the mother can breastfeed her baby”.

I think that until we make breastfeeding for mothers a little more comfortable, this doll wont be a big seller here in the U.S.  Although breastfeeding with always be a special time for a mother and her baby, I hope that we can progress in making breastfeeding more social acceptable in the future.  For now it looks like we will continue to sell dolls that eat and cry.

I would like to address the comments made about the doll encouraging young girls to want to get pregnant. I think that the age group that would use this doll would grow out of the fascination of babies along with other dolls of similar nature.  If we made a Jr. High student walk around with this baby Velcroed to her chest while it was crying..….I’m pretty sure it would only help lower teenage pregnancy! But that’s just my opinion.









Brought to you by bizzy babee. Predictable nursing covers for those unpredictable moments. -Lisa Sato