Tip Tuesday

15 Ways to stay Healthy on a Budget

1. Snag free health apps from your phone

2. Sign up for a prescription saving program

3. Use coupons

4. Borrow (don’t buy) your next fitness DVD: Utilize your local library!

5. Talk it out: There’s a free self-help group out there for whatever is bothering you, whether it’s physical or mental. Check out MentalHelp.net/selfhelp

6. Shop Full: Meaning grocery shop on a full stomach or you may find all those treats in your cart you have been avoiding!

7. Gym Membership Bargaining: Many health clubs and gyms are willing to cut you deals or give you free passes to try their facilities. Remember everything is negotiable.

8. Buy Frozen: Add veggies to your meals without the high priced produce prices.

9. Stop waisting food: Leftovers for Lunch!

10. Strike a Pose: Can’t afford your local yoga studio? Every week, Yoga Today streams a free, one-hour class. (Downloads cost $4.)

11. Create a medical family tree: Start planning a healthier future by asking relatives about their health conditions then visit FamilyHistory.hhs.gov to create a free Family Health Portrait that reveals your risks.

12. Eat more eggs: They are easy on the budget and on your diet.

13. Buy in bulk and don’t worry about food going bad too quickly by splitting the food and cost with a friend.

14. Save $170 in the shower: Think, short 5 min and warm not hot! Your yearly bill and your skin will thank you.

15. Give and get free products: Freecycle.org, a smart online location for secondhand giveaways in your city.

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Attainable New Year Resolutions for 2013?

It’s that time of year again when you get to reflect on what you didn’t achieve the year before and where you want to make it worthwhile in the New Year.  Well, today I want you to reflect on attainable goals for 2013.  This is the year for realistic goals where the small wins pay off big in the end.

Here are some helpful guidelines to quit that procrastinating:

  1. Make it public.  You are more likely to forget your goal if you make it secret. Want to make it stick, find a friend to make you accountable.
  2. Smart phones have great apps to also track your progress. Do you want to know what’s in your food this year before purchasing? Try this app called Fooducate.  Are your friends telling you that you are tardy for everything?  This app Cueup.  It’s time to be accountable!
  3. You are more likely to stay motivated and achieve your goal if there is a reward in the end, however if that reward is too far out there, discouragement can settle in.  Remember the line “Babysteps” from the movie, “What about Bob?” starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss?  LOVE IT!  Planning on hitting the gym and losing some weight from your last pregnancy….babystep it!  Instead of the usual goal to hit a certain weight by a certain amount of time, try a goal of hitting the gym 3x a week for a month.  Once that goal has been achieved give yourself a reward…. I say buy a new pair of shoes.  Once that goal has been met, amp it up the next month for something new at the gym.

Happy Goal Achieving in 2013!

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Thrify Thursdays

Are you a coupon cutting mama?  If so, let me give you some easy solutions to great grocery store sales.  I am always looking for a great deal, but I just don’t have to the time to sift through newspapers and browse hundreds of sites to find what I need at my local grocery stores.  Here is one site I browse one time a week and vamp my meal menus to what is on sale.  The site is http://www.grocerysmarts.com/and of course it is FREE

Here is how it works:

1. Once in the site you will need to select your state.

2.  Look for the pull down menu on the left to select your store.

3. Press the start button on the top right of the page.

4.  To see just the major and extreme savings for the store place you mouse over the stock up scale (There is a red star right above it).

5.  Click over the star and then head back up to the start button where you will see a shrink button.  Click Shrink.  Here is will shrink the items for the best savings.

6. Print your list.

If you would like other items  on sale and not just the items in red, you can press start and click individually down the list for the items you want.  The category column will highlight white.  Once you have all your items you desire for that store, click shrink then print.

Easy Peasy!

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Food Friday

In carrying on from yesterday’s blog, I got this great email that I thought I would share.


Get a free lunch with the purchase of another from Mimi’s café! It’s a great place to eat and a great place to treat a friend to a holiday meal. Their carrot raisin bread is to die for and the corn chowder is my favorite.

Happy Holidays From bizzy babee









Thrifty Thursday

Its Thrifty Thursday and what better time to save some money!  With money flying out of wallets for gifts, we need every opportunity to save that we can get.  With the holidays here and schedules being so busy, many times we are forced to grab food “to go” or eat while out.  Today we have a list of restaurants that offer free kid meal options. Buying for 2 adults is much easier that buying for 4+.  Our tip would be to get it “to go”.  Why not place your order over the phone and swing by on your way home? It’s a little easier than dragging the whole family down and potentially waiting for a table.


Here is what we found. These restaurants may vary by location or state so please call and check before driving down or placing your order.

Mondays: Applebee’s, NYPD Pizzeria, Jason’s Deli, Dickey’s BBQ

Tuesdays: Ikea, Marie Calendars, Lone Star Steak house

Wednesdays: TGI Fridays, Firehouse Subs,

Thursdays: IHOP, Quiznos

Fridays: Golden Coral

Saturday’s: Marie Calendars

Sundays: Jason’s Deli, Dick’s BBQ

Restaurants that have a Free kids meal EVERYDAY!



Café Rio

Texas de Brazil


Please call your location for specific times and requirements to get these great deals

Also check out Wendy’s free meal deal going on now at http://www.toysrus.com/shop/index.jsp?categoryId=13311663

They are giving away a free $1.99 kids meal and a $10 Toys R Us gift card.

Tip Tuesday

Having a holiday party and can’t get the toilets as clean as you’d like? Do you live in an area that has hard water? Often times this creates more than just cloudy dishes.  It can cause some major build up where ever water runs including your toilet.  If you have scrubbed and scrubbed but still seem to get a ring around your toilet, you may have some hard water build up.  Cleaners and bleaches do not work for these stubborn stains.  Only good old fashion elbow grease will work. But you can’t use any ol’ brush.  Stiff or wire brushes will ruin your porcelain and make it look worse than before.  The answer is a pumice stone! You will still have to scrub, but it will remove your build up. So dig out those pedicure kits under the sink and grab the pumice stone. Now you will actually use them! If you can’t find one lying around, don’t pay a lot for one.  Buy a clearance foot care kit after Christmas, keep at the lotions and use the pumice for your toilet! They also sell them at cleaning supply stores.


Need a Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift?

Time is running out! There are only 8 days until Christmas is among us. This time of year is busy for everyone and can sneak up quick.  With work, kids, holiday parties and Christmas shopping how could you have time to plan out some elaborate neighbor gift? No worries. I found this great gift idea that is both EASY and inexpensive.

Peppermint Foot Soak!



Here is what you need

  1. Jars – preferably the flip lid kind but any will do. Find them at Ikea, the dollar store etc.. Remember they don’t have to match.
  2. Epsom salts
  3. Peppermint oil
  4. Ribbon
  5. Labels


  1. Pour Epsom salts into a bowl and add 8-10 drops of peppermint oil
  2. Pour salt into jars
  3. Tie ribbon around jars
  4. Apply label






Label tips:

If you purchase the Avery labels at the store you can use Avery’s “design and print” option to create your own greeting.