Thrifty Thursdays






Our new “Thrifty Thursdays” is a great place to start your Christmas shopping.

This owl necklace is a great steal.  At just $2.99 plus free shipping, you should grab a couple.  Find it at






Here are a few more great options. This copper owl is $.91 plus $2.79 shipping






And this bronze pendant is only $1.41 with free shipping.






Happy shopping!

Tip Tuesday – Darn Jars


What do pickles, jelly, salsa, relish, pasta sauce, and jams all have in common?????  Yes, they come in jars.  Have you had to ask that strong man in the room to give you a hand? Sometimes those jars can be so stubborn. Well just last week I was at a girlfriend’s house when I witnessed this very thing happen.  She struggled and twisted until she handed that darn jar over to her husband.  I quickly snagged the jar and said “watch this”.


Tip: When trying to open those stubborn glass jars simply flip the jar upside down, use the palm of your hand and give it a good hit.  You will hear the air POP and release the seal.  This will make opening that jar very easy.

So ladies, find something else to have your husband use those strong hands for because you’ve got this one handled!

-Lisa Sato

Top 10 Christmas Gifts 2012

We’ve got 56 days until Christmas! If you haven’t started shopping, its time to get lists made and hit the internet.  The power of the web has allowed us to browse, compare, shop and find coupons right from our swivel chairs. I love it! I’ve done a little research for you and created this list of hot items for 2012.  Electronics rise to the top of the lists again, but I’ve included some favorites for our little tikes too.

1. We are all talking about the coming elections but Apple has swept the electronics race yet again. iPads, iPods, iPhones, Apple T.V, and all of the accessories that go with them are losing no momentum.  The shuffle, the Nano and even the touch have all been out dated by a new iPod line released this year.  My kids have already asked for the new iPod touch this year. Rather than take 5+ spots for all of the products Apple provides, we are going to give them the number spot and move on.

2. If you have a gamer in the house we know you have heard of this next item.  “Call of Duty Black Ops 2” is certain to sweep the shelves this holiday as always.  Most avid gamers can’t wait until Christmas to break into this game.  With its release on November 13th it will be hard to get your gamer to wait.

3. Furby makes the list again this year.  With new colors and features including a downloadable app, they make the 2012 list.

4. This next item is new this year. “Fijit Friends” is an interactive toy that speaks, dances and has voice recognition.  It even responds to over 150built-in phrases and jokes.  It has some cool features but with a $50 price tag (Toys R Us), you might want to wait for a sale or use those valuable $10 coupons that come each year with their “big book of toys”



5. The Kindle Fire is said to do well this year.  With easy downloadable features, the avid reader will love this.

6. Barbie’s are a classic staple in a little girl’s life.  Kits that include miniatures and pets are great affordable options for gifts.  The Barbie Puppy Swim School set is a great idea for about $25 at Toys R Us.

7. It wouldn’t be Christmas without an appearance from Elmo.  This year’s version is the “Sesame Street Laugh Out Loud Elmo”.  It rolls around on the floor and tells jokes and comes with a squeaky toy that activates his laughing.

8. If you have a little girl, the Lalaloopsy dolls are still a hit.  With a variety of dolls and products, there is something that will fit any budget.

9. If there is a boy in your house, LEGO’s are probably filling one of those storage bins in his room.  LEGO’s make a great gift for boys of most ages and come in so many varieties that it will be easy to find something for everyone. The Ninjago and Star Wars varieties are always popular options.

10. Last but not least, the “Leapfrog  LeapPad 2 tablet” is expected to be a big seller this year.  If you have toddler/preschooler in the house, this is a good option for promoting some great skills and having fun.

Hope this helps you get started.  Thursday we will post a list of  DIY Christmas gift ideas for our “Thrifty Thursdays” Update.  Come visit us each day as we post great info M-F.  See below for what you can expect each day.

Funniest Baby Costumes



As I was browsing the web last week I thought it would be fun to post some of the cutest baby costumes I came across.  Well after a little searching and a lot of laughing, I had to switch that to the funniest baby costumes.  I hope you find them as humorous as I did.






This spring chicken looks like he just laid an egg






Toddler Taco Tuesday!






Looks like his dad is starting off his day with a solid breakfast.  Who need bananas when you can have babies in your bowl!






This cute little meatball can sit on my table any night.






Let’s not open this can of babies…I mean worms.






Order up!






If this baby starts singing “kiss the girl” I’m outta here!






Do you smell something????






“Yes I’ll have a #4 and make sure you put plenty of packets of baby in there”






Who’s carving the turkey?






Baby Prohibitionist

.. nuff said

Exercising while breastfeeding


Can I follow my same exercise routine if I am breastfeeding? If you are a breastfeeding mom, or considering breastfeeding, questions like these often get asked.  I’m here to help answer them for you.

Can I still exercise and run while breastfeeding? Good question! Of course you can exercise while breastfeeding.  Studies have shown that there is no difference in milk supply for women who exercised regularly.  Exercise improves a mother’s heath and has a positive effect on her emotional well-being.

Are there any disadvantages to exercising while breastfeeding? When a mother exercises at 100% intensity or works out until exhaustion, some studies show a decrease in IgA levels for 10-30 minutes after your workout.  IgA’s are the immunologic factors in a mother’s milk.  The IgA’s are not reduced enough to have any effects on your baby, but pumping before your heavy exercise is an option while your body restores itself.

My baby doesn’t want to nurse after I’ve been working out. Why? This could be as simple as sweat! Make sure that you shower before trying to feed your baby.  They often do not like the salty taste of the sweat on your breast.

It hurts when I run……help! For any women with large breasts out there you know this feeling, but this can be magnified when breastfeed.  Nursing or pumping before your workout will certainly help this issue. If running, jumping etc., the proper support is definitely a must.  If you are still uncomfortable, try lower impact exercises or swimming! It’s a great workout and less strenuous on your chest.  As with a regular workout, I would suggest showering after swimming.  Public pools and the taste of chlorine might not be favorable for your baby.

Since I’ve been working out, I have lumps around my breasts that are painful. What is this? Don’t panic! This is most likely a blocked or plugged duct.  If you lift weights often or do any other excises that involve repetitive arm movement, you are at risk of developing a plugged duct. Just cut back on your weight lifting and start again more slowly once the duct is clear. As always, if you have any concerns that there is a bigger issue, please see your physician.

Final tip! Stay hydrated. Your body is producing a lot of fluid during this special time.  Remember to replenish those important fluids that you lose during your work out.

Working out is fun, makes you feel great, and is healthy for your body and mind.  So take a class, go for a swim, get out that jogging stroller or take a ride on your bike. Have a great time!

-bizzy babee

Boob Check!


Ok ladies, in light of breast cancer awareness month I thought it would be fitting to make sure that our breasts are happy and healthy! The self-breast exam is a great way to make sure that everything is where it is supposed to be. It is also one of the best ways to catch any unusual lumps and bumps early so that they can be taken care of properly.

Let’s get started!

In the mirror:

  1. Stand undressed from the waist up in front of a large mirror in a well-lit room. Look at your breasts. Don’t be alarmed if they do not look equal in size or shape. Most women’s breasts aren’t. With your arms relaxed by your sides, look for any changes in size, shape, or position, or any changes to the skin of the breasts. Look for any skin puckering, dimpling, sores, or discoloration. Inspect your nipples and look for any sores, peeling, or change in the direction of the nipples.
  2. Next, place your hands on your hips and press down firmly to tighten the chest muscles beneath your breasts. Turn from side to side so you can inspect the outer part of your breasts.
  3. Then bend forward toward the mirror. Roll your shoulders and elbows forward to tighten your chest muscles. Your breasts will fall forward. Look for any changes in the shape or     contour of your breasts.
  4. Now, clasp your hands behind your head and press your hands forward. Again, turn from side to side to inspect your breasts’ outer portions. Remember to inspect the border underneath your breasts. You may need to lift your breasts with your hand to see this area.
  5. Check your nipples for discharge (fluid). Place your thumb and forefinger on the tissue surrounding the nipple and pull outward toward the end of the nipple. Look for any discharge. Repeat on your other breast.

In the shower:

  1. Now, it’s time to feel for changes in the breast. It is helpful to have your hands slippery with soap and water. Check for any lumps or thickening in your underarm area. Place your left hand on your hip and reach with your right hand to feel in the left armpit. Repeat on the other side.
  2. Check both sides for lumps or thickenings above and below your collarbone.
  3. With hands soapy, raise one arm behind your head to spread out the breast tissue. Use the flat part of your fingers from the other hand to press gently into the breast. Follow an up-and-down pattern along the breast, moving from bra line to collarbone. Continue the pattern until you have covered the entire breast. Repeat on the other side.

Lying down:

  1. Next, lie down and place a small pillow or folded towel under your right shoulder. Put your right hand behind your head. Place your left hand on the upper portion of your right breast with fingers together and flat. Body lotion may help to make this part of the exam easier.
  2. Think of your breast as a face on a clock. Start at 12 o’clock and move toward 1 o’clock in small circular motions. Continue around the entire circle until you reach 12 o’clock again. Keep your fingers flat and in constant contact with your breast. When the circle is complete, move in one inch toward the nipple and complete another circle around the clock. Continue in this pattern until you’ve felt the entire breast. Make sure to feel the upper outer areas that extend into your armpit.
  3. Place your fingers flat and directly on top of your nipple. Feel beneath the nipple for any changes. Gently press your nipple inward. It should move easily.


If you have done all of these steps and you are still feeling unsure, just ask your family doctor or OBGYN to do a quick exam on your next visit.  If you are over 35, its time to get the real thing…. The mammogram!

Just remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Many things can be done early on so to prevent and reduce breast cancer so don’t delay!

Breast-feeding or Breast augmentation?

I have had breast augmentation can I nurse?

These days this question comes up more often than you think! Whether it be enlargement, reduction, lift, removal of tumor or mastectomy, many women have had surgery on their breast and ask….can I still Breast-feed? Well here is the answer. In most cases YES! Now I am not a doctor and if you have additional health issues that led to your surgery, you should always consult your doctor first.  As for the most common of the listed above, (breast enhancement!), you should be fine to feed.

Lets do some explaining.  The breast has glands that are in the breast tissue.  These glands are filled with milk after the birth of a baby.  This generally causes your breast to become even larger. All of this happens magically thanks to Mother Nature.  There are 3 ways that breasts are implanted into the breast tissue.  They can be inserted through the armpit, under the breast, or through the nipple.  Although all 3 do not prevent from nursing, but it has been said that some mothers that use the nipple entry method lose sensitivity in the nipple due to nerve damage during the surgery.

Let you doctor or nurse practitioner know if you are thinking about breast-feeding and they can answer any further questions you might have.  As for nursing with breast enhancement…. You are good to go! So head over and grab one of our full coverage wraps.  New colors are coming this week!