Tip Tuesday

Todays tip is one of my favorites and you might be able to use it for your holiday cooking this week! Have you ever boiled potatoes or pasta and the pot starts overflowing all over your stove top? Me too! It happens all the time in my house. Well worry no longer.  Just place a wooden spoon across the top of the pot and your problem is solved. No more soupy messes to clean up.

Hope this makes your cooking a little easier!















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The Bebe Gloton breastfeeding doll

Last week we posted a video describing a popular toy in Europe. The Bebe Gloton is a breastfeeding doll that has been a popular seller in many parts of the world.  To use the doll, your child would slip on a color vest that has two flowers where a woman’s nipples would be. When the doll is placed in the breastfeeding position it begins to make a sucking motion and noise.

We posted a video of a child using the doll and asked you for your feedback. Well we got it! We got everything from excited to outraged.  Overall we had more people comment that they would not buy the doll for their child.  It seemed that this doll raised a lot of concerns from encouraging young pregnancy to public embarrassment.  I know that mothers actually breastfeeding even suffer from embarrassing moments while breastfeeding their babies.  This could feed into some of the concern that people would have with their child doing it. The U.S. has always been known for its more conservative values and modest attire.  Does that have to do with this doll? Is nudity the issue? Well not exactly. So what is it? Whatever it is, it is making people uncomfortable. I thought that maybe it was just Americans that felt uncomfortable but after talking to one of our British friends she felt the same way.  When I asked her why she wouldn’t buy the doll she said it had nothing to do with sexuality. She described the act of breastfeeding as an intimate act between a mother and her baby. When I asked how it was different than dolls that you feed or changed I think she said it best “Anyone can feed or change your baby, but only the mother can breastfeed her baby”.

I think that until we make breastfeeding for mothers a little more comfortable, this doll wont be a big seller here in the U.S.  Although breastfeeding with always be a special time for a mother and her baby, I hope that we can progress in making breastfeeding more social acceptable in the future.  For now it looks like we will continue to sell dolls that eat and cry.

I would like to address the comments made about the doll encouraging young girls to want to get pregnant. I think that the age group that would use this doll would grow out of the fascination of babies along with other dolls of similar nature.  If we made a Jr. High student walk around with this baby Velcroed to her chest while it was crying..….I’m pretty sure it would only help lower teenage pregnancy! But that’s just my opinion.









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World Prematurity Day

I personally would like to honor World Prematurity Day today.  It was 9 years ago that I gave birth to triplets at 24 weeks gestation and millions of families watch their early babies fight for their lives and many get the opportunity to thrive thanks to our modern technology and medical advances.  The NICU was a world I never knew existed as my first born, Kaleb was a healthy 8 lbs. 14 oz. I had no idea the NICU would be my home for six months after the birth of Liam, Aiden and Zoie and that today they would still be struggling with the effects of their prematurity.

I honor today the countless people who blessed and still bless the lives of our family.  I give great praise to the  Doctors, NICU Nurses, OT’s, PT’s, ST’s, RT’s, NICU staff, family and friends who gave me the courage to hang on and for the tireless hours it took for the team of experts to keep these little one’s alive.  I am forever grateful to be the mother of two beautiful boys Liam and Aiden and to have our angel Zoie looking down on us from heaven.

Join me today, 17 NOV on World Prematurity Day in helping educate everyone around us! If you are a parent of a preemie, please share your story with us on our facebook page!



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Food Fridays- Cut The Fat!

The holidays are always a great time to get together with family, share some great meals and blow your diet! Everyone cooks a little different. Some people use butter, some use margarine and others may use shorting.  You may not be able to control what other people make, but you do have say over the dish you bring to parties and family functions.

Offer to make dishes that are usually high fat so that you can modify the recipe.  That will help you to stick to your diet and maybe even help out family members without them knowing. Baking is one of the best opportunities to cut out some unwanted fat and calories.


Here is a chart of substitutions that you can use to cut the fat. Practice using your favorite recipe with these substitutions for your next holiday event.



























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Thrifty Thursdays

One of the most expensive things about being a woman is our beauty products. The creams, lotions, makeup….it never ends.  I’ve got a great mask that I tried and loved. The best part is you can make it from things in your home.  This mask is made with aspirin, lemon juice and baking soda.


  1. Mash up about 10 non coated aspirin (use the cheap stuff)
  2. Add lemon juice until you get a paste
  3. Apply to the mask to the face and let sit for 10 mins
  4. Remove the mask by dipping a cotton ball in in baking soda and water.


The aspirin acts like acetylsalicylic acid and exfoliates the skin while the lemon juice has vitamin C and repairs the skin.  It also wards off oxidation just like when you put lemon juice on apples to prevent them from turning brown. The baking soda neutralizes the lemon juice.

Use this treatment 1-2 times ta week for great looking skin.

If the mask feels too drying, just add a teaspoon of honey to the mixture.








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Tip Tuesdays

With Thanksgiving around the corner it seems fitting that these tips are about food and entertaining and this week is no different.  I got this tip from a friend and loved it!

After making your turkey, you might want to use the drippings for your gravy. The juices are delicious but very fatty.  If you want to remove some of that fat without skimming it off with a spoon, use and ice cube! That’s right. Just drop and ice cube in and the fat will attract to it.  Spoon out would ice cube and voila, your fat is easily removed.

You can use this trick with any meats that you bake, roast or slow cook. Happy cooking!







Thanks to Diane Lindberg for the great tip

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Fat Kid Pizza – Food Review

This week I went on a date with my 9-year-old son to a pizza place in down town salt lake.  You can find a “Fat Kid Pizza” inside restaurant’s and bars around the state.  This one was in Maxwell’s East Coast Eatery located at 9-exchange place.

The restaurant has a great atmosphere with huge round booths; dim lighting and the slices are served on sheets of paper. I would describe it as a hybrid between east coast pizza joint and Irish pub. There is a huge bar on one side of the restaurant so I would recommend family dining earlier in the evening.  They also offer live music Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays.  We went on a Wednesday so we weren’t able to check that out.

The pizza here was great! It’s a thin crust pizza cut into huge slices. The sauce and toppings are delicious.  You can buy a slice and add any toppings you want or go with one of their specialty pizzas such as the “Italian Stallion” that comes with Pepperoni, sausage and grilled chicken.  They also offer salads, appetizers and have a variety of cheesesteaks. The dessert is a cookie pizza that you can get in chocolate chip or peanut butter. It’s served with ice cream and comes out freshly baked. This was rich and delicious. We couldn’t eat the whole thing. 4 people could probably share this.

Price wise this was a little more than going to pizza hut, but worth it.  Slices are $3 then you add $.50 for each topping.  A whole cheese pizza is $16 +$2 for each additional topping.  Their specialty pizzas are $21.  The sandwiches are a little steep at $10, but they are good size.  We were lucky to get there before 6pm. They have buy one get one free slices until 6pm then again after 11pm.  If you can get downtown before 6, I’d recommend that deal.

The service here was very good.  The hostess was friendly and we were seated immediately. Our server was very attentive and we were checked on frequently.

Overall I give Maxwell’s eatery and their Fat Kid Pizza two thumbs up!

Happy eating From bizzy babee.

Predictable nursing covers for those unpredictable moments -Lisa Sato

Thrifty Stain Fighting





Have you had a stain that you cant get out? Maybe you’re treating it wrong? It’s hard to know what kind of solution takes out what kind of stain. Here are some great ways to remove stains without buying 5 or 6 different products at the store.

Hydrogen Peroxide. Removes blood from clothing. Pour a bit on to dirtied clothes; it will start bubbling on all the blood. After 10 minutes, stick on a cold cycle in the wash.

Baking Soda. Adding baking soda to your wash will help brighten your whites.

Lemon Juice/Vinegar. Saturate stains in either of these, then wash in your machine.

Rubbing Alcohol. Saturate or blot ink stains with rubbing alcohol and then wash.

Nail Polish Remover. This will remove pen ink stains

Borax/Water Paste. A paste made from these two and rubbed on to your clothes before washing in the machine will do wonders for your stains.

Dish Soap. Rub into oil stains before washing.

Bleach. Use only on white, natural fabrics, and make sure to wear your paint clothes, as bleach will stain the clothes you’re wearing if it splashes.

Happy cleaning!






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