That’s Hot Baby!


This week we are talking about cool baby trends this year.  We’ll cover everything from safety to fashion. This info will keep you in the loop on the latest trends so you and your baby will be up to up to date while out shopping or hanging with your neighborhood playgroup.


Here’s the hottest info in no particular order.


10. Hi-tech monitors – with todays smart phones and apps, iPhones and iPads can sync right to your baby monitor for instant info on your infant


9. Smart carts – Todays strollers are not your mother’s buggies.  Companies like Quinny and Origami offer strollers in

cool colors and have features such as iPod docs and self-folding functions.


8. Bump this – No more bumpers in cribs! New safety standards state that bumpers can increase the risk of choking and suffocation.  So throw them out and go with decorative sheets that have printed sides to give the effects of a bumper in your crib.


7. Euro Inspiration – European inspired furniture is all the rage at the baby expo this year.  Several options are available such as Babyhouse or my favorite IKEA!

6. Organics – If its natural, its in.  Organic clothes, bedding and products are all the rage and great for your baby.

5. Transparencies – Transparent furniture hit fairs and expos big this year.  Cribs with clear sides playpens and chairs all made their debut.

4. Handcrafted Art and furniture – With sites like Etsy and Pintrest its no surprise that do it yourself items are in trends.  For those who don’t DIY, there are several great artists online that you can purchase handmade products from.


3. Glow in the dark – Ever have a hard time changing a babies diaper in the middle of the night without turning on all the lights?  Well fear no more. Baby Dee Dee light now makes PJ’s with glow in the dark zippers for those nighttime changes.

2. Go green – No more plastic bottles! For those parents who bottle feed, plastic is out and new aluminum bottles are in.  They are safer for the environment and for your baby.  Those plastics have toxins that could harm your little one.


1. Multi-purpose products! – We all want function in our fashion so it’s no surprise that this is a huge trend.  Purses that double for diaper bags, cribs that turn into toddler beds, and of course nursing wraps that double as blankets and a fashion friendly poncho!


You didn’t think I was going to write this whole blog and not mention how cool our product is! Bizzy Babee wraps offer a few things our competitors don’t.  Since we use such a high quality breathable fabric, our wraps can be used even after you’re done breastfeeding.  Our wraps have no suffocation warnings and are soft to the touch. Our wraps hang in a flattering diagonal for fashion and function, but lay and fold in a rectangle for use as a blanket or throw. So grab one for you and wrap one up as a gift for your next shower.

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Breast Feeding awareness – Health Benefits








You may have heard that breastfeeding has some great health benefits. I thought I would share some of the detailed benefits that breastfeeding has been known to provide for you and your baby.

Several studies have shown that breastfed babies have fewer cases of:

  • Stomach viruses
  • Respiratory illnesses
  • Ear infections
  • Meningitis
  • SIDS
  • Child Obesity

If that’s not enough, long tem studies show that breastfed babies have a 20% lower risk of dying between 28days and 1 year!  But that’s not all; Breastfed babies have reduced risk of developing certain childhood cancers. Additionally, babies that drink breast milk have fewer allergic reactions. This is a huge amount of benefits you can provide to your baby. And it’s all from your specially formulated milk. A mother’s milk produces an immune rich substance that cannot be reproduced in formulas. This specially formulated milk not only fights viruses, it provides a protective coating on your babies throat, nose, stomach and membranes.

We all know that our child’s health is so important to us, but breastfeeding also has some great benefits for mommies! Here are a few of the benefits attached to breastfeeding your baby:

  • Reduction of stress
  • Reduced ricks of breast, ovarian and uterine cancer
  • Lower cases of depression
  • Lessens Osteoporosis
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Cost benefits

That is a long list of benefits! What a great way to spending special time with your baby and give them the jump-start on life that they need. Let us help you make this experience more comfortable with our full coverage wraps.  We know that mommies on the go need a way to nurse their baby while still getting things done.

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Breast feeding Awareness – costs benefits

As Breast Feeding awareness week comes to an end, we here at bizzybabee are just getting started.  If you are not a breast feeder, considering breast feeding or just want to learn more about breast feeding, we will be posting some of the benefits of breast feeding your baby and how bizzybabee can make that choice a little easier for you. With our recent sell out on Baby Steals last week, it is obvious that we are all looking for a good bargain these days.  I thought I would start todays blog with the obvious cost benefits of nursing your baby.  After a little research I was surprised to find that formula runs from about $15.00 to $100 per can. YES there are organic formulas that are over $100 per can.  Now I know that it is not physically possible for everyone to nurse and it is a personal choice for every parent, but the most organic option is FREE! The most popular formulas on the market are about $30.  As a newborn your baby may only go through about a can a week, but at your baby’s peak they will go through over 10 cans a month! Here is some quick math

baby’s 1st year = aprox. 80 cans = $2,400

1 bizzybabee wrap = $39.99

Just another great benefit of breast feeding!

But wait, the savings don’t stop there! Did you know that depending on the state you live in, WIC offices are giving out anywhere from 6-12 cans per month? Thats another $360 per month, per person that is on assistance that your tax dollars are paying for.  Encouraging breast feeding will help to increase the number of new mothers nursing instead of using expensive formulas.  So the next time you are heading to a baby shower, grab a bizzybabee wrap for the most comfort and coverage you can get while nursing.

More benefits on health, fitness, and freedom to come. Check back soon!


Baby Steals

We are excited to announce that we are going to be featured on a great shopping site next month….Baby Steals! For those of you who aren’t familiar, Baby Steals is a great site that offers discounted baby and maternity products. We will be featured on the site August 2nd. Our most popular colors such as our Black, Natural, and Chocolate Wraps will all be available.  This sale is one day only so don’t miss it.  If you can’t make it to the Baby Steals site before they are all sold out, come visit us at our new web site that also launches August 2nd.


The Bizzy Babee Wrap was designed with you in mind to give a chic, modern look without having the fuss of straps and buckles that other covers offer. Best of all, the Bizzy Babee Wrap promotes a classic style with NO standout patterns that will fit right in with practically any outfit, so you can wear it alone or simply slip it over your clothes when you need to.