Breast feeding Awareness – costs benefits

As Breast Feeding awareness week comes to an end, we here at bizzybabee are just getting started.  If you are not a breast feeder, considering breast feeding or just want to learn more about breast feeding, we will be posting some of the benefits of breast feeding your baby and how bizzybabee can make that choice a little easier for you. With our recent sell out on Baby Steals last week, it is obvious that we are all looking for a good bargain these days.  I thought I would start todays blog with the obvious cost benefits of nursing your baby.  After a little research I was surprised to find that formula runs from about $15.00 to $100 per can. YES there are organic formulas that are over $100 per can.  Now I know that it is not physically possible for everyone to nurse and it is a personal choice for every parent, but the most organic option is FREE! The most popular formulas on the market are about $30.  As a newborn your baby may only go through about a can a week, but at your baby’s peak they will go through over 10 cans a month! Here is some quick math

baby’s 1st year = aprox. 80 cans = $2,400

1 bizzybabee wrap = $39.99

Just another great benefit of breast feeding!

But wait, the savings don’t stop there! Did you know that depending on the state you live in, WIC offices are giving out anywhere from 6-12 cans per month? Thats another $360 per month, per person that is on assistance that your tax dollars are paying for.  Encouraging breast feeding will help to increase the number of new mothers nursing instead of using expensive formulas.  So the next time you are heading to a baby shower, grab a bizzybabee wrap for the most comfort and coverage you can get while nursing.

More benefits on health, fitness, and freedom to come. Check back soon!


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