Breast-feeding or Breast augmentation?

I have had breast augmentation can I nurse?

These days this question comes up more often than you think! Whether it be enlargement, reduction, lift, removal of tumor or mastectomy, many women have had surgery on their breast and ask….can I still Breast-feed? Well here is the answer. In most cases YES! Now I am not a doctor and if you have additional health issues that led to your surgery, you should always consult your doctor first.  As for the most common of the listed above, (breast enhancement!), you should be fine to feed.

Lets do some explaining.  The breast has glands that are in the breast tissue.  These glands are filled with milk after the birth of a baby.  This generally causes your breast to become even larger. All of this happens magically thanks to Mother Nature.  There are 3 ways that breasts are implanted into the breast tissue.  They can be inserted through the armpit, under the breast, or through the nipple.  Although all 3 do not prevent from nursing, but it has been said that some mothers that use the nipple entry method lose sensitivity in the nipple due to nerve damage during the surgery.

Let you doctor or nurse practitioner know if you are thinking about breast-feeding and they can answer any further questions you might have.  As for nursing with breast enhancement…. You are good to go! So head over and grab one of our full coverage wraps.  New colors are coming this week!

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