Breastfeeding at Work – Tips for the Working Mother

Breastfeeding has been around since the dawn of time. Long before grocery stores and formula it was the only method for feeding our babies, but times have changed! People, especially women, have evolved! Women take on so many roles in today’s society it’s hard to believe that we are still made to feel uncomfortable doing something so natural. Additionally, many women are working outside of the home and trying to breastfeed their babies. Although juggling work and breastfeeding is hard, we want to encourage mothers to stay positive and offer these few tips that will make it a little easier.


  1. Stay positive! A good sense of humor and positive attitude are necessary during this time. There will be embarrassing moments such as leaking, and possibly co-workers whom aren’t supportive. Stay strong and remember that this is all worth it!
  2. Choose wisely – Try to choose a care provider that is both close to your work place and breastfeeding friendly.  Having your provider close or even on-site will allow you to nurse a couple of times and reduce the times you have to pump.
  3. Pump Power – Buy a good breast pump.  Make sure that you choose the best pump for you.  This is not an item to want to be frugal with.  You will be using it daily.
  4. Communicate – Trying to hide your breastfeeding at work will not make things easier.  Let you employer know what your plans are. They can help to adjust lunch and break times around needed pumps and provide a safe and comfortable place to do it.
  5. Stay organized – Having all of your supplies available will make it easier to stay consistent. Running out of the house your first day back is already going to be a stressful time. Make sure that you have already visited and dropped of your baby at your care provider at least once before this day.  Also be sure that you have your car packed with extra supplies just in case you run out. Bring an extra lunch box for the community fridge.  You can store your milk in there and have an easy way to tote it to and from work.

Just remember that your baby’s health is worth the extra trouble you are going through. At first it will be an adjustment, but you will get in the swing of things in no time.


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