Fat Kid Pizza – Food Review

This week I went on a date with my 9-year-old son to a pizza place in down town salt lake.  You can find a “Fat Kid Pizza” inside restaurant’s and bars around the state.  This one was in Maxwell’s East Coast Eatery located at 9-exchange place.

The restaurant has a great atmosphere with huge round booths; dim lighting and the slices are served on sheets of paper. I would describe it as a hybrid between east coast pizza joint and Irish pub. There is a huge bar on one side of the restaurant so I would recommend family dining earlier in the evening.  They also offer live music Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays.  We went on a Wednesday so we weren’t able to check that out.

The pizza here was great! It’s a thin crust pizza cut into huge slices. The sauce and toppings are delicious.  You can buy a slice and add any toppings you want or go with one of their specialty pizzas such as the “Italian Stallion” that comes with Pepperoni, sausage and grilled chicken.  They also offer salads, appetizers and have a variety of cheesesteaks. The dessert is a cookie pizza that you can get in chocolate chip or peanut butter. It’s served with ice cream and comes out freshly baked. This was rich and delicious. We couldn’t eat the whole thing. 4 people could probably share this.

Price wise this was a little more than going to pizza hut, but worth it.  Slices are $3 then you add $.50 for each topping.  A whole cheese pizza is $16 +$2 for each additional topping.  Their specialty pizzas are $21.  The sandwiches are a little steep at $10, but they are good size.  We were lucky to get there before 6pm. They have buy one get one free slices until 6pm then again after 11pm.  If you can get downtown before 6, I’d recommend that deal.

The service here was very good.  The hostess was friendly and we were seated immediately. Our server was very attentive and we were checked on frequently.

Overall I give Maxwell’s eatery and their Fat Kid Pizza two thumbs up!

Happy eating From bizzy babee.

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