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We here at bizzy babee know how busy you can get during the holiday season.  It’s hard to get your day-to-day routine done and still have time to shop, bake, wrap, etc. If you need a last minute recipe that is easy and the kids will love, try this out.


Smash Sandwich:



1 Loaf French bread

¼ cup water

1 lb. ground beef

6oz. cream cheese

1 cups grated cheese

Your favorite seasonings


  1. Brown the beef and drain the fat (add seasonings of your choice. Salt, pepper, garlic etc..)
  2. Add cream cheese, ½ cup grated cheese and water. Melt ingredients together and turn pan to low.
  3. Cut the lid off the French. You want to make your cut on top of the loaf to create a boat.
  4. Remove the bread from inside the loaf and gently break into chunks
  5. Put the chunks in the pan with the meat and fold the bread into mix.
  6. Pour the mix back into your empty loaf boat.
  7. Top with the remaining grated cheese
  8. Wrap entire loaf in foil and bake at 350 degrees for 15-20mins
  9. Remove from oven and slice to serve

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