Food Friday – Homemade Doughnuts

Everyone loves a fresh doughnut from time to time, but kids love doughnut holes! We’ve got a kid friendly spin that is easy and fun. We bet you have everything you need already in your house. If not, here is your list:






1 tube of biscuit  (don’t get the flakey layers)

1 cup sugar

2 tbsp cinnamon

1 cup powdered sugar

3 cups of your favorite oil

2 brown paper lunch sacks


Fill saucepan with oil and turn stove to medium heat. This will take the oil a little longer to warm up, but be patient we don’t want any grease splatter.  While the oil is heating, open the package of biscuits. Cut each biscuit into 4 equal parts. To make them more like doughnut holes, roll the pieces into balls for a more round shape. Put your powdered sugar in one paper bag and the sugar and cinnamon in the other. Now that your oil is warm, slowly drop 8-10 balls in the pan. The oil should bubble but not splatter. Use metal tongs to turn the dough balls during the cooking process. Once they are brown all over, place on a paper plate lined with a paper towel to drain oil. When they have cooled slightly, have the kids put half the doughnuts in each bag then shake vigorously. Remove from bag and serve. Repeat steps for the remaining dough.

These are surprisingly delicious and calorie free…..o.k. we’re kidding about the last part but they are worth the calories.

For a lower calorie recipe, try the low fat biscuits and a natural sugar substitute like Truvia

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