Food Friday – Picnic Season

Tis’ the season to have a picnic! Picnic’s can be fun but they can also be a pain if you aren’t prepared. Here are some tips to having a greet picnic and some recipes for your picnic food courtesy of  ”nature box”.

1. If you have a picnic basket with plates and utensils, use it. It makes your picnic more elegant and saves you the trash clean up.  If you are using plastic or paper ware, be sure to remember to pack a small trash bag.

2. Make picnic friendly foods. Items that need to stay very cold, very hot or tend to get soggy will spoil the fun.

3. Bring a good blanket to sit on. Often times park grass is wet.  A blanket with a water proof backing will ensure dry bums during your feast.

4. Be prepared to be outside. Don’t forget sunscreen, wet wipes, a hat and sunglasses.

5. Have fun! Picnic’s aren’t just for eating. Bring a frisbee, kite, ball or book and enjoy your day outside.

For a few great sandwich and salad recipes, visit Nature Box


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