Funniest Baby Costumes



As I was browsing the web last week I thought it would be fun to post some of the cutest baby costumes I came across.  Well after a little searching and a lot of laughing, I had to switch that to the funniest baby costumes.  I hope you find them as humorous as I did.






This spring chicken looks like he just laid an egg






Toddler Taco Tuesday!






Looks like his dad is starting off his day with a solid breakfast.  Who need bananas when you can have babies in your bowl!






This cute little meatball can sit on my table any night.






Let’s not open this can of babies…I mean worms.






Order up!






If this baby starts singing “kiss the girl” I’m outta here!






Do you smell something????






“Yes I’ll have a #4 and make sure you put plenty of packets of baby in there”






Who’s carving the turkey?






Baby Prohibitionist

.. nuff said

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