It’s all about the coconut oil!

If you haven’t already heard, coconut oil is all the rage right now.  Its benefits are high and its uses are plenty.  Our tip for today is….Get some quick! Here are some reasons/uses for your new purchase:

  1. Great for cooking. Preferred over your veggie and canola oils with great health benefits.
  2. As an eye makeup remover
  3. As diaper cream
  4. As a supplement for energy, to support healthy thyroid function and boost metabolism
  5. As a lotion (with a natural SPF4 sunscreen)
  6. Hair treatment for frizzy ends
  7. Use to fight fungi like athletes foot or topically for yeast infections
  8. Can help insulin levels
  9. Reduces itch from rashes, bites, chicken pox and sooths burns
  10. Can be rubbed into scalp to stimulate hair growth

These are just 10 out of hundreds of great reasons to get your coconut oil today!


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