Monday Funday – Fall Fun Craft

This after school art project is easy and beautiful! Your kids will love the painting and you’ll love a new decoration for the fall season that isn’t a turkey hand!

Here is what you need:

  • Canvas – This can be a nice canvas if you find them on sale, card stock, or just a plain piece of paper
  • Paint – You can find craft paint at your local stores such as Walmart or hit a craft store for more color options.
  • Painters tape – Hopefully you have some laying around the house or garage.
  • Sponge brushes – You should have some left over from the last craft we did, but if not, you can get them at Walmart or the craft store. For this project we like to you the round head sponge brushes.
  • Paper plate


1. Tear painters tape into strips. The the strips to create the trunk and branches. Use smaller strips for smaller branches. If you can tapper the strips, you are a super mom/dad!

2. Tear small pieces of the paint to makes leaves and add to your canvas

3. Pour your favorite fall colors on a paper plate.

4. Use the sponge brushes to blot colors on the canvas. Overlap colors for a great watercolor look.

5. Pull the tape off the canvas. The tree will be left on the canvas in white!


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