Halloween Games for Kids

If you have a class or Halloween party coming up, try one of these easy games that the kids will love.

1. Mummy Wrap – All you need is toilet paper and a timer for this one. Have the kids break into 2 teams and pick one child to be the “mummy”. Have the kids wrap the mummy until time is up and choose a winner. OR have the mummy spin and the team who uses all the toilet paper first wins!

2. Cup Toss – Pick up some cute Halloween cups at your local dollar store. Arrange the cups on the floor and have the kids toss candy corn in the cups. Use some masking tape to mark a line on the floor for the kids to stand behind. Use the cups as prizes!

3. Suck and Blow  - This one is a crowd favorite. You’ll need 2 bowls or buckets, 2 paper plates, straws, and a few lightweight items. Have 2 kids stand next to a table. In front of them, place a paper plate with 5-8 light weight items. These can be stickers, tattoos, die cut shapes, and even very light weight toys like bats or ants.  If they are larger than a penny they will probably be too heavy.

Using a straw, the kids will race to see who can get all the items in the bowl the fastest.  They will use the straw to suck the items up one by one then release them into the bowl.

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