Monday Funday – New Years Eve (Kid Style)


New Years Eve is a great celebration. It’s a time for new beginings, resolutions and a fresh start. Some people ring in the new year with parties and music. We, on the other hand have kids. Having kids on NYE can be a little less exciting…….unless you read this blog. We have a few fun ideas that will entertain your kids until the ball drops.

1. Time balloons – Start by labeling balloons with times on them. Put a piece of paper in the balloon that has an activity that you can do with the kids. Pop the balloon with you hit the time written on the balloon.

Here is a list of some ideas for your balloons:

  • -Play a board game
  • -Make a desert (decorate cup cakes, cookies or bake a pastry)
  • -Go on a treasure hunt/scavenger hunt: Click here for some hunt ideas
  • -Make homemade noise makers and party favors: Here is a DIY link
  • -Sing kareoke
  • -Have a dance party – kick on the music and dance your butt off. For a little added fun, have someone control the music and freeze every time they shut it off.  You can also play dance dance revolution is you have a Wii, PS or Xboz
  • -Roast marshmallows/build a fire in the back yard
  • -Put together a time capsule
  • -Shoot off some fireworks (if legal in your area)
  • -Home made bowling alley – Find a hall or kitchen floor with enough space to roll a ball. Here is a DIY bowling idea:
  • -Make a reflection jar – Have each member of the family write down their favorite memories from the last year. Put all of the memories on individul pieces of paper. You can even decorate the jar. Save the jar and open on Dec. 31st next year.


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