Monday’s are Fun – (kind of)

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Monday’s are by far the least favorite day of the week. People deed Monday’s. We have to assume that is mostly due to having to go back to work after a weekend of fun and relaxation. If you are suffering from a case of the Monday blues, here are a few positives about Monday’s that might cheer you up!

1. Fresh Start – A great way to start a new week is with a new goal. Perhaps is a new diet, exercise routine or just a motivational kickstart to being more productive.

2. You get to see your work friends – We might not love everyone we work with, but we all have work friends. Mondays are a great time to gab about your weekend and catch up.

3. Monday Night Football  - Nuff said

4. Great night for DVR – Sunday’s and Monday’s are some of the best TV days. If your weekend was fulfilled and you missed your favorite program, Monday nights are a great night to have a DVR marathon!

5. Holidays – Lots of Holidays fall on Monday’s.  Today isn’t one of them, but maybe next time you read this it will be!

6. Traffic – Statistically speaking, Monday’s actually have less traffic than other days of the week. Morning commuters take Mondays off, go in late, are sick, etc… so the traffic pattern changes and traffic is lighter on this day!

7. No kids today – We all love our children, but GO TO SCHOOL ALREADY! Their weekend sleepovers and the “I’m bored” comments are gone today….yes!

8. Surfing the web – We know that this is probably not what your boss has in mind on his “productivity chart”, but come on. It’s Monday, you’re in front of a computer and you want to see all the funny posts, pictures and articles you missed over the weekend. It’s our saving grace today.

9. No rain on Monday’s – Okay maybe it will rain on a Monday, but history shows that Monday is the least rainy day. They aren’t sure why. Some claim the pollution rate over the weekend, but we say it’s just an added bonus for a typically poopy day.

10. Monday Coffee – It’s like no other. It saves lives!


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