Showered With Gifts!

Showered with gifts


Last week I talked about the coolest baby trends happening this year.  Every mom wants to be on trend and have the best items for their baby, but with all the new items she is hunting for, she may not be able to get all the items she wants. That’s where you come in.  The best baby shower gift is one that mom both needs and is chic! When we arrive at a shower with our gift, it is nice to get the new mom to be something that she might not get for herself.  I’ve tied together the top 10 baby shower gifts with my favorite gift items.

1. Personalization – Personalizing gifts is a great way to put thought into your gift with out spending a ton of extra money.  This personalized picture is a great way to add to a mother’s new nursery.  Pair two in theme for a wining gift.

2. European Baby – As mentioned in last week’s update, Europe infused fashions are on trend.  These European baby booties are a chic addition to baby’s wardrobe.






3. Chew on this – Teething rings are always a popular baby gift, but this teether ties a personal touch with the handcrafted design of wood that is on trend for the upcoming year.






4. A, B, C’s – Reading is one of the most important things we can do with our budding babies. This starter library is a great way to start a new mothers collection.






5. Giddy-up – Baby carriers are becoming very popular.  This ergonomic carrier is both comfy and cute.






6. Hang me out to dry – Seems like we never have enough hangers for all those new outfits we get. These wooden hangers could be used both functionally and as décor’






7. Write this down – We all have great dreams of scrapbooking, journaling, and keeping every lock of hair that falls off our babies head, but lets be honest, its hard! This 5-second memory journal is a great idea for busy mom’s (which Is all of us right!)






8. Hobo Baby – As mentioned last week, multi purpose items are great for moms.  I found a Hobo bag that doubles as a diaper bag but will last long after that. This silver sling is H.O.T.






9. Did you make that?   – Hand crafted items are in, but not all of us are ready to D.I.Y everything! This Handmade baby book is adorable!





10. Boobs and Bottles – Every mother makes that tough choice to breast or bottle-feed her baby. Either way they will need supplies! Often times we forget that nursing moms still need pumps, pads, and bottles to store milk if needed.  But every nursing mother needs something to swaddle her baby in while covering herself up. Our nursing wraps are made of the best breathable quality fabric and will look great on.  No more half aprons! Try one of these for your next shower gift


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