Tip Tuesday – Clogged Toilet? No Plunger?


Do you have a  clogged toilet? Are you at a friends house or visiting someone and don’t see a plunger in the room? Try putting some liquid hand soaping the toilet. Wait 5 minutes. Then try flushing again! It might save you some real embarrassment some day. -Brought to you by bizzy babee, Inc. Predictable nursing

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Tip Tuesday – New Hair Color!

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 8.20.30 AM

Tip Tuesday – New Hair Color! Have you ever wanted to change your hair color? We all have at some point. It’s hard to pick the perfect color without taking the leap and suffering through the results. Well we have a cool app that you might want to try out. Hair Color Booth is an app that

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Tip Tuesday – Great Smelling House

vent clips

Tip Tuesday – Great Smelling House   Do you want your house to smell good all day long but don’t want to leave a candle burring? Try out this trick! Use a Febreze vent clip (or other brand of air freshener), and clip it to your house vents. When the air or heat kicks on,

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