The Bebe Gloton breastfeeding doll

Last week we posted a video describing a popular toy in Europe. The Bebe Gloton is a breastfeeding doll that has been a popular seller in many parts of the world.  To use the doll, your child would slip on a color vest that has two flowers where a woman’s nipples would be. When the doll is placed in the breastfeeding position it begins to make a sucking motion and noise.

We posted a video of a child using the doll and asked you for your feedback. Well we got it! We got everything from excited to outraged.  Overall we had more people comment that they would not buy the doll for their child.  It seemed that this doll raised a lot of concerns from encouraging young pregnancy to public embarrassment.  I know that mothers actually breastfeeding even suffer from embarrassing moments while breastfeeding their babies.  This could feed into some of the concern that people would have with their child doing it. The U.S. has always been known for its more conservative values and modest attire.  Does that have to do with this doll? Is nudity the issue? Well not exactly. So what is it? Whatever it is, it is making people uncomfortable. I thought that maybe it was just Americans that felt uncomfortable but after talking to one of our British friends she felt the same way.  When I asked her why she wouldn’t buy the doll she said it had nothing to do with sexuality. She described the act of breastfeeding as an intimate act between a mother and her baby. When I asked how it was different than dolls that you feed or changed I think she said it best “Anyone can feed or change your baby, but only the mother can breastfeed her baby”.

I think that until we make breastfeeding for mothers a little more comfortable, this doll wont be a big seller here in the U.S.  Although breastfeeding with always be a special time for a mother and her baby, I hope that we can progress in making breastfeeding more social acceptable in the future.  For now it looks like we will continue to sell dolls that eat and cry.

I would like to address the comments made about the doll encouraging young girls to want to get pregnant. I think that the age group that would use this doll would grow out of the fascination of babies along with other dolls of similar nature.  If we made a Jr. High student walk around with this baby Velcroed to her chest while it was crying..….I’m pretty sure it would only help lower teenage pregnancy! But that’s just my opinion.









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2 thoughts on “The Bebe Gloton breastfeeding doll

  1. Hi,
    I jist bougth The Bebe Gloton breastfeeding doll for my friend’s daughter. I think it’s great ! She just had a little brother and is simekind a little jealouss ! It will over get over the shock. I jst wanted to know. Does the doll cry while the is the child is at school ? Is there a way to stop from crying during school hours or do I have to be a “doll nanny ” ? LOL. If this had existed at my time. I would have been absolutly crazy about it. I would have played for hours!


    • Dear Esther,

      Although we did a feature on this doll, we actually don’t sell the product. I researched it a little and I was unable to find an answer to your question. If you go to their site you can use the “translate option if needed” (this is a google feature). There is a “contact” section where I’m sure your questions can be answered. You can find their site at

      Sorry I couldn’t be more help. If you are in need of other breastfeeding products, please visit our site at

      Yours Truly
      -bizzy babee

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