Thrifty Stain Fighting





Have you had a stain that you cant get out? Maybe you’re treating it wrong? It’s hard to know what kind of solution takes out what kind of stain. Here are some great ways to remove stains without buying 5 or 6 different products at the store.

Hydrogen Peroxide. Removes blood from clothing. Pour a bit on to dirtied clothes; it will start bubbling on all the blood. After 10 minutes, stick on a cold cycle in the wash.

Baking Soda. Adding baking soda to your wash will help brighten your whites.

Lemon Juice/Vinegar. Saturate stains in either of these, then wash in your machine.

Rubbing Alcohol. Saturate or blot ink stains with rubbing alcohol and then wash.

Nail Polish Remover. This will remove pen ink stains

Borax/Water Paste. A paste made from these two and rubbed on to your clothes before washing in the machine will do wonders for your stains.

Dish Soap. Rub into oil stains before washing.

Bleach. Use only on white, natural fabrics, and make sure to wear your paint clothes, as bleach will stain the clothes you’re wearing if it splashes.

Happy cleaning!






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