Thrifty Thursday- Book Lovers

This thrifty tip is for all of our avid readers out there. After countless dollars being spent on books, we have a new way for you to save some money and still keep the books you want.  Paperback swap is a great way to read that next popular book with out having to dish out $10, $20, even $30 dollars for it. The service is free and easy! Start off by signing up at After you have registered, you can list any books you are willing to part with.  If you list at least 10, they will give you 2 credits to start with.  1 credit = 1 book. It’s that easy. You earn credits by mailing your books to people that request them.  Then you use those credits to request books from other people. You are responsible for paying the shipping but remember, this is media and media mail is much cheaper (Usually about $2). Search for our blog on sending media mail in 2012 for more info. Once your book arrives, it’s yours to keep. You do not have to relist it if you love it.  If you don’t think you will read it again and want to swap it, just add it to your list for trade.

This service is becoming very popular and may not be free for long. So jump on and sign up today!

Happy reading!

For full instruction on how it works, click here:

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