Thrifty Thursday – Cheap Gift Cards

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Everyone has bought a gift card. They are the fail safe gift for those that are hard to shop for.  They are great for mailing and fit nicely into a card. There are a ton of great reasons to buy a gift card, but not a ton of good reasons to pay full price for one. Do I have your attention? That’s right…discounted gift cards! No you don’t need a membership to a warehouse store and you don’t need to get roped into some other deal to get this one. It’s called cardpool It’s a great place to find gift cards at a discounted rate. Here’s how it works. There are 3 services availible . The first is buying cards at a discounted rate. No catch. The second is selling cards. That’s right again. You can sell your unwanted gift cards from Christmas that you are never going to use. Maybe you got a card to Olive Garden but the closest one is over 20 miles away. No problem. Just post your card online and get some cash for it. The third service is a bulk sale discount. You may think, “I won’t use this service”. You may not, but your business might! Do you work somewhere that needs to boost sales? Maybe you are the manager of a store and want to drive traffic? Call the 1-800 number for more details on how to sell $5,000+ in gift cards.

Hopefully we could save you a little money today. Happy shopping!


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