Thrifty Thursday – Our Favorite App

Have you ever been out shopping and as you walk up to the register it hits you……….Dang it! I forgot my coupon! It is so frustrating knowing you could be saving $5, $10, even $20 dollars. You don’t have time to put everything back, run home to get your coupon, and come back. This has happened to everyone at least once. Well we have your solution. A free app on your phone will solve your issues. GeoQpons is fantastic app that will quickly find the coupons you need. Once the app is downloaded you can easily search the store you are looking for. All of the current coupons will pull up for that retailer/restaurant/etc.. Choose the coupon that saves you the most money based on your purchases. A barcode will pull up for the cashier to scan. Voila! You’re saving money.


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