Thrifty Thursday – Postage Pay-off

It’s Thrifty Thursday and we have another tip for saving money. Postage seems to be one of those things that continue to go up every year! Even flat rate envelopes were just raised another $.15 this January. We can’t change postal rates but we can give you some tips.






  1. Typically USPS is always the cheapest.
  2. Try to give yourself plenty of time to mail a package. If you use good old ground mail its even cheaper.
  3. Media mail!!! – This is something that most people don’t use and should. You can send approved media through the USPS for a significantly cheaper rate than other items. So what so media? Here’s the list:
    1.  Books (must be at least 8 pages long)
    2. DVD’s
    3. CD’s (any sounds recordings as well)
    4. Printed music
    5. Medical information
    6. Computer read-able media (pretty much covers anything on a disk)

They will not allow you not use this feature for marketing, advertising, or magazines.

So how much is it? Good question. It costs $2.38 to send up to a pound of media and $.39 for each additional pound up to 70 pounds. Now you know why you can buy your book or DVD from Amazon and only pay $3.99 shipping, but those underwear from victoria secret cost $6.99 to ship.

So next time you’re swapping books or send a DVD, use media mail! It will cost you about half of the normal rates!

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