Thrifty Thursday – Pumpkin Savings

Halloween is a great holiday with several fun festivities. Costumes, candy, corn mazes and haunted houses are all around the  corner. With so many activities its hard to stay on budget. This week our budget saving Halloween tip is….save your money on pumpkins!

Choosing your favorite pumpkin from a patch is a great activity, but it seems as though mom’s like that part of the experience more than the kids. The kids really enjoy carving their global creations and seeing them lit up! So save a little money by skipping the patch and heading to the grocery store or farmers market. Here are some stats to help you decide:

The average pumpkin weighs about 10-20 pounds. At the grocery store you are going to pay anywhere from $0.10-$0.40 cents per pound.  We will use $0.25 as a starting point. We found one for $.17 lb. We were able to get 4 pumpkins for about $8.50.

grocer                            patch

10lbs = $2.50              $5.00 aprox.

15 lbs = $3.75              $7.00 aprox.

20 lbs. =$5.00             $10.00 aprox.

You can see that it is about double the cost at a patch. Multiply that by 3 or four kids and you’ve could be spending upwards of $40.00 on a few pumpkins!

This year consider shopping the ads for the lowest prices and encourage your kids to picks a small to medium pumpkin and spend that extra money on a corn maze!


Have fun!

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