Thrifty Thursday – Save Your Food and Freeze it!

It might be obvious to freeze meat that we aren’t ready to use or even a pre-made dinner like lasagna, but eggs? There are a lot of foods in your fridge right now that can be frozen if you don’t need it right away. Don’t let it go bad, FREEZE IT! Here is a list of items that you can freeze so they don’t go to waste:

1. Nuts – No special preparation needed.  Just place in a bag or jar then let them hit room temperature before eating.  If using for baking, just pull straight from the freezer and mix. No need to thaw.


2. Eggs! – Beat and place in zip lock bags. You can also use an ice cube tray to separate. 1 egg per cube makes measuring easy. Freeze in trays then put into bags for later use.

3. Bread – Our mothers and grandmothers did this for years. Bread did not always have the shelf life it does now. Whether your bread is homemade or store bought, throw it in the freezer for up to 2-3 months!

4. Butter – No special instructions. Just freeze.

5. Buttermilk – Sometimes you just need a little. So pour the remaining buttermilk into your ice cube trays in 1 tbsp increments. Then toss in a freezer bag for later.

6. Herbs – They seem to go bad much quicker than other veggies. Use what you need for your dish then store away for the next meal. When thawed they won’t make for a great garnish but will be fine for cooking.

7. Fruit – Berries and bananas are best for freezing. Bananas go black and sometimes we are not ready to make bread with it. Thats ok! Just throw that ripe banana right into the freezer peel and all. Remove and let thaw at room temperature when you’re ready to bake. Berries simply need to be washed, cut, dried and bagged.

8. Yogurt  - No trick. just freeze for a tasty treat.

9. Soups, Sauces, Broth – Leftover soups and sauces are easy to freeze and make great leftovers for lunches. Don’t waste the broth or drippings for your chicken, turkey or roasts. Measure and freeze it for a natural and money saving broth for future meals.

10. Pancakes/Waffles – Stop buying the freezer waffles and cakes. We know they’re convenient on those busy mornings, but a little planning will save a lot of money. On a Saturday or Sunday morning whip up a batch of pancakes or waffles, but make enough for the entire week.  Bag the extra and throw them int he freezer. They can still go in the toaster or microwave each day before school.

Hopefully this will save you a little on your grocery bill!

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