Thrifty Thursday – Saving Money on Groceries



Everyone is living on a budget these days. The cost of living is high because of steadily growing gas and food prices. Although it’s hard to do anything about gas prices, you can do something to save on your grocery bills. Studies show that Americans throw away nearly half the food they buy. WOW! So before you go grocery shopping, take a look in the cupboards and find items ready to expire.  Try to build your menu around these items to prevent waste and save you some money on items you would have to buy to replace them. Saving money at the store is just half the battle. A lot of our food gets thrown away after preparation. Now I know that not everyone likes leftovers, but here are a few ways to turn your leftovers into new dishes.

  1. Save even the smallest amount of leftover veggies for soups, omelets or shepherds pie.
  2. Save all of your meat juices. Store them in ice cube trays or Ziploc bags in the freezer and you have a great stock for later.
  3. If you have leftover bread or rolls, freeze it!!! A few leftover nights will create enough rolls for a new meal.  Warm and display with oil and balsamic for a great restaurant breadbasket feel.
  4. Slice and save leftover chicken and steak in the freezer.  Make fajitas once you have enough for the family.  (Quesadillas will also work)
  5. Save leftover rice.  You can add and egg and soy sauce for fried rice.  The rice can also be used on soup and shepherds pie


You can also visit our previous blog about making a restaurant style dinner out of leftover dishes!


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