Thrifty Thursday – Super Bowl Party


We know how hosting a party can start to add up. The food, beverages and decorations can all get pretty expensive. Here are some thrifty tips to make your Super Bowl Party the best party on a budget!





I.     Potluck, Potluck, Potluck!!! Do not try and do everything yourself.  Create a menu with a main dish that you prepare, and then dish out assignments!

II.     Take it easy on the decorations. Don’t go nuts buying a ton of super bowl décor. Most of it is branded for this year and you’ll be stuck with a bunch of dated items.

III.     Get the kids involved! Have your kids help you make party decorations! Brown construction paper and a piece of white chalk is all you need to make a whole lot of footballs.  You can tape them to the windows, hang them from the ceilings and string them together for banners. If you want to get a little more creative or have older kids, grab a hole punch and some string or ribbon to actually lace the construction paper footballs.

IV.     For some fancier decoration ideas, check out theses great sites.


V.     Make it fun! It’s all about the memories not which brand of chips you served. Here are some ideas to make the game more memorable.

  1. For the kids – Use some tissue paper in their favorite teams colors to create pom poms.  Instructions Here:
  2. For the ladies – How about commercial bingo.  Create bingo cards with items like “fast food, talking baby, snickers, go daddy, Doritos, Ford, Budweiser, Justin Bieber” Then when a commercial comes on use a marker, your favorite snack, or bottle caps to mark your card. Visit to make your own cards.
  3. For the guys – Set up a pregame white board with some friendly bets like overall winner, total points, half time points etc… Of course we are not encouraging gambling, just some friendly competition to make the game watching more interesting.

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