Thrifty Thursday – Superbowl Savings!

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Are you having a Super Bowl party this year? Parties can certainly add up! Food, snacks, drinks, decorations, alcohol… it can really become a pricy party. Here are some tips to have a great party and save money:

1. Don’t do it all yourself: Pot luck is ok. Pick a base food such as burgers, dogs, or pizza and have the guests brings sides, appetizers and dips.

2. Decoration Don’ts: Don’t spend a ton of money on specialty decor. Visit your local dollar store and pick out party supplies in your team colors. Then get only a couple of specialty items such as a football dish or tray.

3. Don’t spend money on your home: What does that mean? No new TV’s, sound systems, or even professional carpet cleaning. If you don’t have a good set up for football watching, don’t volunteer to host. If you have a friend that is willing to lend you speakers or even a carpet shampooer, knock yourself out! But don’t spend a  bunch of money on your house. No one cares.

4. Fun & Free: Superbowl isn’t just about the game. People like watching the commercials and socializing. Go online and create some free Bingo cards. They have templates or you can create your own with popular commercials such as Chevy, Pepsi or Doritos. Here is a link to one: This will make watching the commercials fun as well!

For the little tikes, put together a half time scavenger hunt. These are also found online for free.  Here is one we used for New Years


5. Save on drinks: Drinks are the most expensive part of the party. Soda, beer and juice for kids can add up.

Use 2 litters for soda rather than cans.

Get out your punch bowl and create a fun drink. It’s cheaper than a variety of juice

Get one kind of beer and inform your guests to “bring their favorite adult beverage”

Offer water! You can dress it up with lemons slices, but have water in a jug or pitcher.


Have a great Superbowl!

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