Thrifty Thursday

Its Thrifty Thursday and what better time to save some money!  With money flying out of wallets for gifts, we need every opportunity to save that we can get.  With the holidays here and schedules being so busy, many times we are forced to grab food “to go” or eat while out.  Today we have a list of restaurants that offer free kid meal options. Buying for 2 adults is much easier that buying for 4+.  Our tip would be to get it “to go”.  Why not place your order over the phone and swing by on your way home? It’s a little easier than dragging the whole family down and potentially waiting for a table.


Here is what we found. These restaurants may vary by location or state so please call and check before driving down or placing your order.

Mondays: Applebee’s, NYPD Pizzeria, Jason’s Deli, Dickey’s BBQ

Tuesdays: Ikea, Marie Calendars, Lone Star Steak house

Wednesdays: TGI Fridays, Firehouse Subs,

Thursdays: IHOP, Quiznos

Fridays: Golden Coral

Saturday’s: Marie Calendars

Sundays: Jason’s Deli, Dick’s BBQ

Restaurants that have a Free kids meal EVERYDAY!



Café Rio

Texas de Brazil


Please call your location for specific times and requirements to get these great deals

Also check out Wendy’s free meal deal going on now at

They are giving away a free $1.99 kids meal and a $10 Toys R Us gift card.

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