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Are you a coupon cutting mama?  If so, let me give you some easy solutions to great grocery store sales.  I am always looking for a great deal, but I just don’t have to the time to sift through newspapers and browse hundreds of sites to find what I need at my local grocery stores.  Here is one site I browse one time a week and vamp my meal menus to what is on sale.  The site is of course it is FREE

Here is how it works:

1. Once in the site you will need to select your state.

2.  Look for the pull down menu on the left to select your store.

3. Press the start button on the top right of the page.

4.  To see just the major and extreme savings for the store place you mouse over the stock up scale (There is a red star right above it).

5.  Click over the star and then head back up to the start button where you will see a shrink button.  Click Shrink.  Here is will shrink the items for the best savings.

6. Print your list.

If you would like other items  on sale and not just the items in red, you can press start and click individually down the list for the items you want.  The category column will highlight white.  Once you have all your items you desire for that store, click shrink then print.

Easy Peasy!

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