Tip Tuesday – Breastfeeding Tip

In celebration of breastfeeding awareness week, we’ve got some breastfeeding tips for you.

1. Lanolin – It’s a great moisturizer for your nipples to help prevent cracking or bleeding. There are lots of products available out there. Remember that your baby is ingesting whatever you put on your nipples. Be sure that it is safe! If you don’t want to use any substitutes, try using a little of your own breast milk around your nipples after feeding to prevent dryness and cracking.

2. Breast shields – If your baby is having a hard time latching on, try a breast shield before giving up.  Most times your baby knows how to suck and just needs a little help with latching.

3. Sanitary napkins – Thats right! If you have leakage (everyone does).  Try a sanitary napkin instead. They area cheaper, more absorbent, and have a sticky back to hold them in place.

Happy Nursing!


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