Tip Tuesday – Darn Jars


What do pickles, jelly, salsa, relish, pasta sauce, and jams all have in common?????  Yes, they come in jars.  Have you had to ask that strong man in the room to give you a hand? Sometimes those jars can be so stubborn. Well just last week I was at a girlfriend’s house when I witnessed this very thing happen.  She struggled and twisted until she handed that darn jar over to her husband.  I quickly snagged the jar and said “watch this”.


Tip: When trying to open those stubborn glass jars simply flip the jar upside down, use the palm of your hand and give it a good hit.  You will hear the air POP and release the seal.  This will make opening that jar very easy.

So ladies, find something else to have your husband use those strong hands for because you’ve got this one handled!

-Lisa Sato

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