Tip Tuesday – Getting Rid of Leftovers


Does your family hate leftovers? Sometimes it’s hard to get them eager to eat something they ate the night before, but it’s even harder to throw away all that food.  Next time you want to clean out the fridge try making it fun.  Create a quick restaurant style menu that has all your leftovers on it.  We had great success and our families thought it was fun.  Sure we wouldn’t encourage anyone to “cook to order” on any other night, but this is actually pretty easy.  Just have them circle what they want off the menu about 10-15 mins before dinner.  Most everything on your menu will be a quick reheat in the microwave! If you wanted to make it really fun you could even take turns being the waiter and actually go around the table and take everyone’s order.  Even dad and the kids can prepare a microwaved meal every once in a while!


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