Tip Tuesday – Organizing Kids Rooms

Staying organized is hard….especially with kids. We could spend all day cleaning up after them. Having a place for everything is crucial in keeping things tidy. As kids grow we acquire more stuff! That means we need somewhere to put it.  If you are anything like us, you don’t have a empty drawers and closet space. Next thing you know you are cramming toys, books, crafts etc.. into a space that previously had your magazines in it. We mom’s can get pretty creative when it comes to space.

Here are a few ideas to add storage space to your play room, kids room or family room:

1. Use a door hanging shoe rack – This is our personal favorite! Hang the shoe rack on the inside of a closet for tons of new storage space! You can store kids crafts and art supplies, cleaners in the kitchen pantry, dolls in your little girls room, and action figures or cars in your boys room. The possibilities are endless

2. Creative shelving – Rather than purchase a flat shelf that items fall off of, get creative and use something with depth. Wall hanging flower baskets are great for stuffed animals. Ikea carries a wooden spice rack for $3.99 that can be spray painted to match any room.  These are great for story time books next to a bed.

3. Trash Cans? – Yup! Spray paint a plastic or metal trash can (new of course), to match any room.  Use it for Stuffed animals, balls, or other sporting equipment!

Happy Organizing!

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