Tip Tuesday – Travel Tips

The kids are finishing up school and it’s time to vacation! We have put together a few tips that will help your trip go smoothly.

1. Keep it to 3 oz. Lotion, toothpaste, shampoo etc… all need to be in 3oz. containers for airport travel. This does not mean you can have 3oz. left of a 10oz. container.  The container must be 3oz.

2. Spill proof liquids – Of course you should separate those liquids in a plastic bag, but you still don’t want any spilling out in the bag. Remover the lid, place a square of plastic wrap over the container, then screw the lid back on. Now your items won’t spill even if the lids pop open.

3. Bring you’re own treats – This seams like a no brainer, but most of the time we bring the typical fruit snacks and crackers for the flight or drive. Most theme parks will let you bring food in. Buy something special and different like Mickey themed cookies or candy and stash them in your bag for later. Then when your child wants those specialty gummies or cookies you’ll have a special treat that they will love.

4. Make travel fun – There are several expensive travel size board games you can get and of course there is always the hand held video games, but we have a new idea….and its free. Create a scavenger hunt for your kids. It can be road trip or airport themed. Make the list long and you’re kids can be entertained for hours. Don’t forget one for the ride home!

5. Traveling with a large group? Take some walkie talkies! Its saves you on phone minutes, it’s free, and its fun. The kids will love it and it’s a great way to stay in touch with other members of your group.

6. Take a mini first aid kit – Use a small make-up bag and grab some band-aids, aspirin, triple antibiotic anointment, chewable pepto tabs, and ALLERGY medicine. Even if you or your kids don’t have allergies, sometimes traveling to a new place bring runny noses and itchy eyes.

7. Ponchos??? Yes thats right. Vacation doesn’t stop when it rains and even the warmest climates get summer storms. Ponchos at your favorite theme park cost $10-$30! Ponchos from your local store cost $1-$5. Grab a few and throw them in that diaper bag or back pack.

8. Cash – Although most places take a card. There will still be times when you need cash. You will need to tip staff and servers on your vacation. You want enough cash that you don’t have to go to the ATM, but not so much that you feel nervous to carry it. Spread the money out amongst the group. This way you have money even if the unfortunate event of a lost wallet occurs. Also be sure to scope out you current bank or credit union locations. Even if there aren’t branches near by, your bank might have partners that prevent very high unwanted fees if an ATM is needed.

9. Bring your water bottle. You can bring your own water bottle into almost any venue. Save money and the environment by refilling. If you can’t find a filling station, often times food stands will refill your bottle with ice and water for free.

10. Bring more than one pair of comfy shoes. You may have a favorite pair of tennis shoes, but after walking in them at a park for 15 hours you’re feet are going to hurt.  Alternating shoes every other day will help keep your feet happy. For women we suggest keeping a pair of ballet flats or flip flops in your purse or bag. Slip them on in the restroom at dinner time and give your footsies a break for an hour or so.

Happy vacationing!

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