Top 10 Christmas Gifts 2012

We’ve got 56 days until Christmas! If you haven’t started shopping, its time to get lists made and hit the internet.  The power of the web has allowed us to browse, compare, shop and find coupons right from our swivel chairs. I love it! I’ve done a little research for you and created this list of hot items for 2012.  Electronics rise to the top of the lists again, but I’ve included some favorites for our little tikes too.

1. We are all talking about the coming elections but Apple has swept the electronics race yet again. iPads, iPods, iPhones, Apple T.V, and all of the accessories that go with them are losing no momentum.  The shuffle, the Nano and even the touch have all been out dated by a new iPod line released this year.  My kids have already asked for the new iPod touch this year. Rather than take 5+ spots for all of the products Apple provides, we are going to give them the number spot and move on.

2. If you have a gamer in the house we know you have heard of this next item.  “Call of Duty Black Ops 2” is certain to sweep the shelves this holiday as always.  Most avid gamers can’t wait until Christmas to break into this game.  With its release on November 13th it will be hard to get your gamer to wait.

3. Furby makes the list again this year.  With new colors and features including a downloadable app, they make the 2012 list.

4. This next item is new this year. “Fijit Friends” is an interactive toy that speaks, dances and has voice recognition.  It even responds to over 150built-in phrases and jokes.  It has some cool features but with a $50 price tag (Toys R Us), you might want to wait for a sale or use those valuable $10 coupons that come each year with their “big book of toys”



5. The Kindle Fire is said to do well this year.  With easy downloadable features, the avid reader will love this.

6. Barbie’s are a classic staple in a little girl’s life.  Kits that include miniatures and pets are great affordable options for gifts.  The Barbie Puppy Swim School set is a great idea for about $25 at Toys R Us.

7. It wouldn’t be Christmas without an appearance from Elmo.  This year’s version is the “Sesame Street Laugh Out Loud Elmo”.  It rolls around on the floor and tells jokes and comes with a squeaky toy that activates his laughing.

8. If you have a little girl, the Lalaloopsy dolls are still a hit.  With a variety of dolls and products, there is something that will fit any budget.

9. If there is a boy in your house, LEGO’s are probably filling one of those storage bins in his room.  LEGO’s make a great gift for boys of most ages and come in so many varieties that it will be easy to find something for everyone. The Ninjago and Star Wars varieties are always popular options.

10. Last but not least, the “Leapfrog  LeapPad 2 tablet” is expected to be a big seller this year.  If you have toddler/preschooler in the house, this is a good option for promoting some great skills and having fun.

Hope this helps you get started.  Thursday we will post a list of  DIY Christmas gift ideas for our “Thrifty Thursdays” Update.  Come visit us each day as we post great info M-F.  See below for what you can expect each day.

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