Will spicy food start your labor? Pregnancy Myths debunked


There are many tips, tricks and pregnancy myths out there. When a woman gets pregnant it seems as though everyone has great advise they want to share, but how much of it is true? Well let’s cover some popular ones that don’t stand up to the tests of science.




  1. It’s a boy! Or is it a girl??? Often times people will tell you that carrying your baby a certain way, (high or low) will help you to determine the sex of your baby. Sorry but it won’t.  Every person and baby are different. How the baby is carried will give you no indication of the sex of the baby.
  2. Bring on the spicy! Well you are more than welcome to eat spicy foods but they will not induce your labor.  They may however create cramping, gas pains and possible diarrhea. Although these symptoms may feel like labor, they are not. Keep the spicy foods to a minimum.
  3. Skip the FLU shot? Not true. Even while pregnant you should get your flu shot to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy.  The shot will not harm your baby.
  4. A tooth for a baby. They say that you loose a tooth with every baby, but we are not living in the 1800’s any longer.  Go to your regularly scheduled cleaning and make sure to continue you brushing and flossing habits.  You’ll be sure to end this pregnancy with all the teeth you started with.
  5. No fish here? No way! Fish is very healthy for you. Eating 2 servings a week is a great idea while you are pregnant. You should avoid mercury.  There are some kinds of fish that have higher levels of mercury such as swordfish, shark, tilefish and mackerel. I don’t see these on the menu too often, but if one of these is your favorite try switching to salmon, tuna, or even shrimp until the pregnancy is over. The catch is it should all be cooked.  Yes that means avoiding sushi with raw fish in it.  If you have a favorite roll with cooked fish, enjoy!

Bizzy babee hopes you have a happy and healthy pregnancy

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