Food Friday – Good Tipping!

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Its food Friday but we aren’t talking about food today. We are talking about how you pay for it…specifically tipping! In America tipping your server has been something we’ve all grown accustom to yet the question still arrives at every check….how much??? Good question. Standard tipping procedures state that you tip 15-25% based on the quality of your service. If you have having trouble calculating the math when tallying the bill, just take the check total times 10% then double it.  For example, on a $52 check 10% is $5.20. Double that, ($10.40) and you’ve got 20%!



Some important things to remember when you’re tipping:

  1. In many states servers do not get paid the standard minimum wage but they are taxed on a higher wage.  Yes this is true.  In Utah servers get paid $2.13 per hour but are taxed on $5.12 per hour. Not tipping means they just had to pay out of pocket to show up to work.
  2. You should always tip on the full value of your meal.  In the day of deal sites like Groupon etc., there are a lot of discount certificates out there. The server is still bringing you the same meal and service. You should tip on the original price.
  3. The server doesn’t always get the whole tip. You may think you’re a great tipper at 15%, but most times servers have to tip too.  They tip their bussers, bartenders, runners etc.. About 5% of a servers earnings go to these employees.
  4. Good service= Good tip. Remember that these servers are waiting on you. If you don’t like tipping, choose another option such as a buffet or staying in.
  5. Fill out your comment cards.  If you truly got great service, take a minute to fill out your comment card.  Although it may not change the waiter’s base pay, it certainly helps when asking for better shifts, or with work incentives and recognition.
  6. Finally, there is no max on tipping. If you think someone deserves a great tip, go for it! You will certainly make their day!


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