Thrifty Thursday – Beauty Blowout!

Product Information

We are really excited about this one. As we were browsing the travel section at Wal mart we came across a jackpot! We found a travel size container of Ponds facial cream. It even came in 3 different varieties. Our favorite was the dark spot correcting cream. These gems were only $1.49 for a 1.75 oz. jar. That is $0.85 an ounce. We hopped over to the face cream isle and we found the actual size Ponds. It was $8.97 for a 7oz. jar. That’s $1.27 per ounce. Additionally, they did not have the dark spot correcting cream available. At a $0.42 per ounce savings it’s a steal. Next time you are in the travel isle stock up. But beware, most times travel sizes are not a better value. Be sure to compare to the traditional size before you load up your cart.


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