Thrifty Thursday – Best Deal on Roses!

Product Information

Flowers can be very expensive, but can bring such joy to our days. They brighten a room, cheer us up and send a message of love and kindness.  Some say that flowers just die and aren’t worth the money.  We are here to fix that! A dozen long stem roses can get pricy. 2 dozen can set you back a weeks worth of groceries! So we understand those that can find the value. We have a solution for those that want to give or recieve flowers locally. Take a look at our photo! Our picture shows 2 dozen beautiful, healthy, long stem roses….. How much you ask? $14.99… Yes that’s right $14.99. Costco has great deals on flowers every day. These particular roses were on special, but everyday prices are very affordable. You can typically get out of Costco with beautiful bunches of flowers for well under $20 bucks. We used an old vase at home to  arrange them.  The pink were left  long stem and the red were cut short to give a votive look. Both are gorgeous and lasted 2 weeks! If you don’t have an old vase laying around, we know who does… Your local dollar store! If you need them delivered the plan might not work, but for all your local needs, this is the way to go.

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