Tip Tuesday – Holiday Gratuities

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We know that everyone is on a budget! This holiday season we try and stretch every dollar. Just remember that what goes around, comes around. We must not forget to tip our fine service people that help us all year long. You hair stylist, gardner, manicurist, your day care provider and even the mailman work all year to keep our lives maintained. It’s time to give them a little thank you. Let me be clear. If you don’t have a personal standing relationship, you don’t need to go above and beyond. Dropping in to the super cuts to get your hair trimmed is not grounds for tipping above the standard. if you go to a regular stylist then you need to break out the wallet!


Here are some tips:

1. Cash is best

2. Having the cash prepared in a holiday card will identify that you are tipping them for the holiday and you didn’t mistakenly give them a $50 instead of a $20. You also get the opportunity to write a personal note if you wish

3. Your tip should be the amount of 1 service. example: If one hair cut is $25 then you should give them a holiday tip of $25 on top of what you are paying for the service.

4. You should have this tip prepared on the last service of the year.  If your appointment is on the 11th of December, that’s when you should give it to them. If you will not see them again before the end of the year, reach out with a phone call or text. Ask them for their address and let them know you would like to send them a holiday card.

5. Do not forget people in your children’s lives! Daycare, Nannies, and after school help are some of the most valued and underpaid people in our lives. They don’t need more cocoa mugs! Break open your wallet and give them cash. The rules are more open here. You can add anything from a days pay, to a weeks pay depending on the time they spend with your child and of course your budget.


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